Play and Research

“Play is the highest form of research.” -Albert Einstein

I like quotes.  I was looking for a quote about play and this one thrust itself to the top of the mountain.  Perhaps you could say “Thunder Mountain”.

Now I need to back up a little.  Being a parent of a 17 year old means figuring out what my role is now that I have a nearly adult child.  Sometimes I think I question whether I still actually have a role in parenting and yet I know without a doubt that I do.  So this was the quote I passed on to our son on the occasion of his high school graduation.

I’ve noticed how in growing up my children sometimes swing between wanting to be cared for and sheltered and wanting independence and choices.  Really as we all get older we begin to yearn for our childhood and wish we looked or felt younger.  Why?  I think we miss the freedom we had to just play.  And yet for some lucky adults our work feels like play to us. I hope this will be true one day for my children when they enter the working world.  If play is connected with research maybe then somehow it can have more validity in an adult world. Thank you Albert Einstein for making that connection.

And so let’s go to Disneyland, (the ultimate play place) ride on Thunder Mountain Railroad, and do a little research.  And while we’re doing that, let’s cement the parent child relationship that much further by doing something we both love, together.