Parenting: Bouquets from an Early Childhood Educator

265376_4024819332806_877141041_o_2Over the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some amazing and wonderful parents.  Here are some of the things parents have done that really make a positive impact for their children at preschool. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

-providing shoes that your child can easily manage themselves

-providing clothing in a bag or container that is easy to open and close

-providing snacks in easy to open containers

If you are sensing a theme here, just imagine one adult helping a large group of children who cannot manage any of these things without assistance!

-letting the preschool know each time your child will be away or late

-talking with the early childhood educator about significant events in your child’s life

-sharing information about your child’s afternoon and evening at home or how the day started if something went wrong

-sharing information about things that help calm your child; things that frighten or worry your child

-sharing information about your child’s favourite things

-okay, just sharing information period.

-sending children in clothing that will allow children to climb, play, get messy

-understanding getting messy is part of the learning process for young children

-keeping your child at home when they are ill

-encouraging your child to follow the routines of the preschool

-speaking positively about the preschool experience when your child is listening

-supporting the preschool by giving your time and/or your donations of paper, art supplies, etc.

-reading to your child daily at home

-spending time in the preschool with your child each day (just a few minutes is fine)

-giving your child plenty of love and positive attention

Parents who do these things are appreciated by early childhood educators!  I am so thankful that to have worked with so many wonderful families over the years.  I just want you all to know that your attention love and care is noticed.  Your children are fortunate to have you in their lives and I feel fortunate as well to benefit from your support.  Thank you.