What’s on Your Child’s Lunchbox?

Have you ever thought about what is pictured on your child’s lunch box?  It could be Barbie, Batman, Dora, Buzz Lightyear, Bob the Builder, Tinker Bell, Anna and Elsa, Olaf, Superman, Green Lantern and the list goes on.

Think about this.  Your child picks up that lunch box 5 days each week.  Every time your child eats lunch he or she sees the image on that lunch box.  So let’s imagine your 3 year old gets a Buzz Lightyear lunch box and sees that lunch box every day for about 2 years until its time for a new lunch box.  So maybe that’s around 22 days each month for 24 months which works out to be a minimum of 528 times over 2 years.  So 528 times your child looked at Buzz Lightyear and thought about Buzz Lightyear.  Is this what you want your child thinking about during his or her formative years?  Is this what you want as part of your child’s daily life?  Maybe?

What if every child had a lunch box free of characters attached to television shows, movies and the whole Disney Empire?  What if young children who are just learning about the world were actually free from being targeted as consumers?

I like to believe that when young children are raised without the influences of television and movies, they develop the ability to think independently and creatively.  I believe we need to think carefully about each and every thing that is part of a child’s life.  Children absorb everything.  What do you want inside your child’s mind?

So before you buy that shiny new lunch box or hat or t-shirt, give it some serious thought.  Olaf may be more powerful than you think!