Five Must-Read Books for Parents

Most parents have experienced  moments of joy and frustration in the process of raising children.  Children truly are unique and I’ve heard many surprised parents talk about how different two siblings can be.  I am not a “by the book” person in that I don’t believe you can find all the answers in a book nor do I believe one book ought to be followed as the guide map of how to raise a child.  Your child will show you the way; all you need to do is listen.  But how do you listen to your child and really hear what they need?  How do you help them grow into the person they wish to become? How do you guide them in becoming an adult you’ll be proud to know?  The following books help parents do just that.  But please, take it all with a grain of salt!

1.  Kids Are Worth It by Barbara Coloroso    This book forces you to take a good hard look at yourself and points you in a direction that will really support your child without over-supporting, if you know what I mean.  You don’t want to become one of those helicopter parents!

2. Understanding the Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman   You love your child but does your child really know and deeply feel that love?  This book tells you how to make sure your child truly feels loved.  You will be able to make sure the message gets through.

3. Punished by Rewards by Alphie Kohn  Sadly, I’ve met too many parents who really need to read this book.  If you give your child rewards or even an allowance, you must read!

4. My Child is a Pleasure by Diane Gossen  If your child’s behaviour has ever frustrated you or perhaps mystified you, this is a great read to help you understand possible motivation behind the behaviour.  Everyone should understand the principles of restitution; to me it is just a life skill.

5.  Roots of Empathy: Changing the World Child by Child by Mary Gordon  I saved the best for last!  Mary Gordon is my hero.  She makes me proud to be Canadian.  This book should be read by every parent (Mom and Dad) who has a baby.  If you have a baby and you ever get invited to do the Roots of Empathy program in a school… say yes!  It will be an amazing experience; I promise.


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