Loose Parts: Early Childhood Educator’s Gold

What are loose parts you ask?  Beauty is surely in the eye of the beholder and so for many people they are simply junk but in the early learning world they are like gold.  That’s why when I received my gift basket of loose parts I was over the moon!IMG_2003If you know a preschool teacher then you know someone who is always collecting little bits of things that no one else wants.  Lids, straws, spools, stones, sticks, bits of fabric, empty cereal boxes, bits of wire, packing peanuts, empty key rings, old keys, scraps of paper, elastic bands, foam packing pieces, wallpaper, cardboard tubes and the list goes on.  All these bits have inspired my own work in progress, my story: the Pancake Machine, which I will post more about in time.  Sometimes I feel a little bit like a hoarder with all this stuff at my house and I promise that even a little bit of extra stuff can make me feel a bit crazy. But the crazy feeling is worth it and here’s why…IMG_2007

What I am hoping is that children will be inspired.  I’m hoping to spark some creativity, some innovation and some resourcefulness.  I am so excited to see what my new preschool class will do with these materials.  And I am constantly looking out for new loose parts to keep the inspiration going!

To read more about the value of loose parts click here


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