Work in Progress

A work of art was once a work in progress.”  -Adele Leon

Did I mention that I write books for children?  The most exciting part about this is making the connection with an illustrator!  We met together a couple of days ago to go over the illustrations for my work in progress, “The Pancake Machine” which is a story designed for children ages 3-7.  We talked about the characters, their personalities and how the illustrations will depict that.  It is really interesting to move into thinking visually after spending so much time on carefully choosing and crafting the words and the story.  When I see the preliminary sketches I feel such a rush; this story is coming to life!

tea bag painting

The best part about all this: we discovered that as author and illustrator we share the same philosophy. We both want to create quality children’s literature.  No pink frilly girlie girls in this book, no damsels in distress, nothing super commercial…nope.  The characters will be strong and independent.  We are totally in sync and have a shared vision about the book we are creating.  I’m thrilled!

Coming soon… preliminary sketches of the main characters!