Beginning Preschool: Smooth Transitions

This is the beginning of a three part series on supporting your child as they transition to preschool or kindergarten.  My hope is that the ideas here will be helpful and not preachy.  Your feedback is welcome.  

How can I make the start of school a smooth transition for my child, you ask?   There are lots of ways to do this.

Let’s begin with my first tip: Take Care of Yourself

You may be saying to yourself …  Wait a minute.  I’m not the one going to school; this is my child we’re talking about.IMG_1627

The reason for this is simple but very true.  Children take cues from their parents. If you are nervous; they will be nervous.  If you are anxious; they will be anxious.  If you feel calm; they will be calm.

So take some time for yourself.  What helps you feel calm and relaxed?  It could be a hot bath with candle light, maybe listening to soft music, maybe yoga or meditation, or maybe a coffee with friends.  Give yourself positive messages about school and your child’s capabilities.  Tell yourself; I’ve prepared my child for this. My child is capable.  He/she can handle it.  If you notice an anxious thought creep in, quickly replace it with something positive.

Your child is very tuned in to your ways of coping with the world.  Children pick up on the cues of their parents.  You are the role model.  You are the parent.  By taking care of yourself you will be a positive model for your child.

My apologies if I’m too late for some who have already started school; we have another two weeks before school is back where I live.


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