Snakes, Haunted Houses and Lollipops

What do snakes, haunted houses and lollipops have in common?  I will tell you but first I need to back up a little.

Today I had a lovely visit at a local child care centre where a friend of mine works.  I’ve been away from my preschoolers all summer and was missing them and feeling a bit out of touch so it was great to have this opportunity.  I loved the quiet purposeful way the children played.  It was a pleasure to see.IMG_1769

The children invited me to the play dough table.  An older child described to me how to put your hands together and roll the play dough between them to make into a snake while the younger children watched and listened carefully.  The children shared their dough as new friends came to the table.  They used the scissors to try cutting the dough.  That was tricky!IMG_1770

And they showed me how it is possible to make snakes, haunted houses and lollipops.  I just love the endless possibilities of play dough.  It was a delight to see their imaginations at work!IMG_1771

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