Beginning Preschool: Smooth Transitions Part 2

So you are a conscientious parent doing your best to get your child off to a good start with his or her first experiences at school.  What’s next?

Stay positive. Because children take cues from their parents your attitude will go a long way towards a successful start.  So if you have any doubts or questions about the school, the educators, or your child you need to be certain that these issues are never discussed within their hearing.  Only positive messages will do.  If you need a chance to get some negative thoughts off your chest then do so but not around your child.

Your  positive attitude  can and will make a difference.IMG_1720

Find a balance  Sometimes we talk about milestones in advance hoping to prepare our children and all we end up doing is making them feel anxious about this new unknown thing that’s coming called preschool or kindergarten.  All the talking makes it into a bigger deal.  I know. I’ve been there. It may also help to at least visit the school once or twice before day one arrives. Meet the teacher.  Most teachers are quite happy to meet children and families in advance.  Visiting several times might be too much. Observe your child’s response to visiting the school and you’ll know where to find the balance.

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