Ordinary Moments in the Sandbox

I’m excited to start posting some ordinary moments in the lives of preschoolers!  Hope you enjoy!

It was the first week of preschool and two boys met up in the sandbox who were excited to be together at school again.  They pushed their trucks around, scooped up the sand, and filled up dump trucks and buckets.IMG_1950

G says  “Here’s some garbage.  Pack it up.”

J says “Beep beep” as he backs up his truck.

While they explore the sand they are sharing ideas about trucks and what trucks can do. At the same time they are gaining a better understanding about the world.  I am fairly certain that they have seen trucks backing up and picking up garbage and now they are exploring how this can actually work.  Yes, this is an ordinary moment and at the same time it is something more.  It is also a moment of learning, sharing ideas, and cooperation.IMG_1949