Taking a Leap

“If you risk nothing, then you risk everything”   -Geena Davis

Because of the above quote, I decided to mail my manuscript today.

“Allison’s Tree”, a story for three to six year olds that brings children closer to nature, is now on its way to a publisher.

I’ve been writing ever since I first learned to hold a pencil.  Why did it take me so long?  If I’m going to be honest, it is because I fear rejection.  I put so much of myself into my writing.  I will admit to having a sensitive personality though I have gotten a lot tougher as the years have passed.  Still, I really hate the idea of sending out my work and hearing nothing back.  And yet I know it is the reality.  This is how it works.  Writers send manuscripts and get rejected over and over.  But without the risk, there is no chance at all.

rocky shore

I believe in my writing but will a publisher see what I see?  It’s hard to say.  What I do know is this:  If you don’t buy a lottery ticket you cannot win the prize.  So I’m buying my lottery ticket and I’ll keep on buying tickets until one day I am the winner.  I am determined.

That doesn’t mean my life is not good already.  I have so much to be grateful for!  The opportunity to write this blog is just one of the many wonderful things in my life.

All that aside, I know that taking risks is the only way to learn.  And as a teacher, how can I possibly encourage children to try something they view as risky or new if I’m not willing to do the same.  So I’m taking a leap and hoping for the best while at the same time knowing I need to be realistic.

green river

So if you pray, then say a prayer for me.  If you believe in sending good thoughts, then do that.  You can read more about “good vibes” by clicking here.  (I know that sounds a bit 70’s but most of my childhood took place during that decade.) And in the meantime, I’ll be working on another story, “The Pancake Machine” that will eventually be self-published.  A wonderful illustrator is creating beautiful paintings as you read this.  We both have other jobs so this may take awhile but if you can be patient, then one way or another you’ll be able to read a wonderful story to your child written by Cynthia Mackey.


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