Beach Day!

As a Canadian West Coast gal, I cannot go too many days without visiting the beach.  If I don’t make it to the beach for a long stretch of time then something just feels wrong somehow.  I am so grateful for living on the coast where the beach is nearby.

I realize that many people do not have the opportunity for this experience and even people who live in coastal towns or cities may have to drive a long distance to get to a beach and then need to park the car far away in order to walk there as so many people would like to enjoy the same experience that the seashore offers. We are very fortunate indeed.  I was thrilled to discover that my new workplace (preschool) was only a few short blocks from beach access!

rocky beach

After nearly a month of school we finally had our first opportunity to visit the beach (the backpack was fully stocked with emergency info, water, tissues, first aid kit and photos of each child)  and because of the lovely extended summer it was a perfect day for making sand castles, finding crabs and shells, and exploring the many opportunities the wonders of the seashore presents.IMG_2148 IMG_2151 IMG_2158 IMG_2180 IMG_2153

IMG_2161Some children spent the entire time with the sand exploring the texture with hands and fingers, making imprints, building castles and creating whatever their imaginations could conjure.  Others wanted to walk and search for treasures or splash through puddles.  It felt like the day could go on forever with the beach presenting such a variety of endless possibilities.


Eventually it did need to end and the walk back to the preschool was a tough one, particularly for some of the 3’s who are not accustomed to walking yet (even if it is only a few blocks).  Perhaps we stayed a little too long but how can anyone want to leave nature’s perfect playground?  Lucky for us all, there will be a next time and the next time will not be far off.  Yes, our preschool is close to the beach and we recognize how fortunate we are for this opportunity so we will be heading back there for more adventures very soon.


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