Emerging Authors

I’m such a newbie at this author thing.  There’s so much for me to learn.  And I get so excited about the smallest things.

Yesterday, I popped into the library and I saw a flyer “Seeking Emerging Local Authors”.  The title just made my heart soar.  Does this mean there are actually people who want to find new authors like me?  I read further and discovered that yes, my public library actually offers a program to support self-published books written by local authors.  How did I not know this?  This is wonderful, amazing news!  I am on cloud nine!533102_3199616383248_1545337507_n_2

You have to promise not to laugh when I tell you the next part.  Promise.  Okay?  The book is donated by the author and they allow a maximum of one copy.  One copy in a sea of books.  Does this discourage me?  No!  I am still over the moon.  This means that my book could potentially be available for anyone who wants to borrow it at the library.  There’s only one word for that.  Brilliant!