Ordinary Moments at the Beach

The beach was beckoning and we just couldn’t stay away any longer.  “Are we going to my beach?”  asked B as we walked along.  I told her I wasn’t sure.  When we got there she told me that yes, it was her beach.  I told her I thought it was my beach too.  Perhaps this beach belongs to all of us.

The children were busy finding treasures.  Here are some of the treasures they found.


Finding treasure was not even the best part.  Some of the children actually got to see a seagull holding a crab.  After awhile the clouds blew away and the October sun shone down.  And the walking part got easier.  But as for leaving the beach  that part just seemed to get harder.  At least it was difficult for me; I hated to take the children away when they were so engaged.   Next time, we’re bringing snacks!


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