Self-Publishing: Which Path to Choose

There are so many choices with self-publishing.  I am doing my research and eventually I will need to make a decision.  I keep telling myself….

Time is on your side.  You are not ready to publish yet.

Still, the day will come when all the illustrations are ready and I need to get this picture book published.  I will have to decide.  My problem is this: I am too new at writing to determine whether this is a hobby or a possible full time pursuit.  I don’t really know yet.  In my dreams I would love to pursue writing full time but in reality would I be too lonely as a writer?  Would I simply run out of ideas?  Would I miss all the interactions I get with people when I go to work each day?

All these questions I really cannot answer until I dive fully into writing and right now that is not a realistic possibility.  Right now it needs to be limited to a hobby that I devote extra time towards during my summers off.  In the future, who knows?  I can always dream.

Back to my self-publishing dilemma.  (And by the way, I was sure it was spelled dilemna but for some reason I appear to be wrong about that.)  So….what do I do?

autumn on Vancouver Island

I think I have now safely ruled out Friessen Press, as tempting as it may be.  From all I have learned their support is superior but the quality of the books may be lacking.  I would love to benefit from having help through each step of the process, especially being so new to all this but I just cannot imagine putting out a product that is less than quality and then trying to market that product.  It just wouldn’t sit well with me.

Then there’s Lulu.  This one looks really tempting as it seems simpler to do and would probably suit a newbie like me.  Also, if this is really a hobby then Lulu is more appropriate as I likely won’t be distributing huge numbers of books.  Yes, Lulu is a good possible option.

Finally, there’s CreateSpace.  As far as I can tell this seems to be the best choice if a person hopes to sell a significant number of books AND also plans to write and publish more books in the future.  It just looks a bit intimidating to me as I’m not sure I’ll be able to get all the technical requirements figured out.  And it gets more complicated if you publish using a combination of CreateSpace/Ingram Spark which seems to be a route that is highly recommended.  Still, I do have a few other books that are in progress and I’m sure that once I have published, the next books will get easier, right?  But then when will I actually have the time to get this done with my work schedule of juggling 2 jobs plus a family?  That is the bigger question!

Stay tuned as I wrestle with my choices and eventually come to a decision.  This may take awhile.  I hope you are patient.  And if you have any ideas or experience with self-publishing, I’d love to get your thoughts…. Please comment!


3 thoughts on “Self-Publishing: Which Path to Choose

  1. Two weeks ago I published my first book, Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical, via CreateSpace. Like you, I found the process overwhelming at first. But the hard part was the work I did *before* I set up the account with CreateSpace. I painted my own cover art, which underwent numerous revisions because the colors wouldn’t scan right into my computer. Formatting was also a pain in the behind, mainly because I was working with a new word processor that isn’t as user-friendly as my old one. One night, I spent a couple of HOURS figuring out how to get the pages numbered correctly! But once it was ready to upload into CreateSpace, everything was smooth sailing.

    My advice to you is to make a list of everything you need to do and tackle one task at a time. I’ll be happy to answer any questions about the process. Since I just went through it, it’s all fresh in my mind.

    Good luck!


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