Beautiful Arrangements

IMG_1957I am so thrilled with our new area for working on “beautiful arrangements”.  We have our loose parts arranged  and sorted on the shelf and now children can create and photograph beautiful arrangements that they make themselves without glue.  I just love the ability to reuse the items multiple times and I love the freedom it gives children to create and adjust until they have the arrangement just as they envisioned.


I started by taking the photos myself and now I have been teaching the children to use our classroom cameras so that they can photograph their own arrangements.

This one below was photographed and created by the child!  P1110751

Now for the interesting part.  I take my photos the same way each time.  I take them from directly overhead.  But the children had some other beautiful ideas.  They tried taking the photos from different perspectives.  These next two photos were taken by the children.  Look what happens when you try something new!

P1110836 P1110761

I look forward to seeing what my class of children will do next with the cameras.  Their photography is inspiring and I am happy to report that they love to use the cameras in the classroom.