Quality Early Childhood Education and Changing the World

I’m thinking about what everyone has on their minds right now.  Why are people committing terrorist attacks?  When will this stop?  How do we make this world a more peaceful and loving place?

I read about the “porte ouverte” response to the Paris terrorist attacks.  It gives me hope that people reach out to strangers during times of crisis.  Still, I want to get to the root of the problem.  I want to solve it.

First, I will start by saying that I know I am biased.  I have a strong belief in the value of early childhood education and positive parenting.  Each day, I have the opportunity to experience the benefits of good parenting and quality early learning programs.  I work in a preschool where parent participation is required and encouraged.  Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way let me make my point.

Quality Early Childhood Education for each and every child can change the world.IMG_0432_1

So let’s get our priorities straight and spend the money where it really makes a difference.  Let’s make sure every child is both cared for and provided with quality education!

You don’t believe me?  Look at the simple economics.

Did you know that for every dollar spent on early childhood education programs there is a future savings of 7 or 8 dollars in social programs?  There have been many studies that show this relationship.

Children who have experienced high quality early childhood education are unlikely to grow up to become suicide bombers or terrorists or murderers.  So if we want the world to change, then let’s put our money into the children who are our future.  And knowing that it will cost us less money if we invest in people at an early age, I can think of no reason at all NOT to invest in young children.  Invest your time, invest your money.  Together we can create a more peaceful world.


2 thoughts on “Quality Early Childhood Education and Changing the World

  1. Exactly right! The whole idea to invest in the early years to gain benefits in the future is even backed by scientific research. I can’t understand why governments insist of making short term savings which cost us hugely in the long run.


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