Ordinary Moments: Surprises


Being a preschool teacher is wonderful.  Each day if I pay close enough attention, I get these ordinary surprises which are absolutely delightful.  The shelf pictured above with the tree stump blocks is located where you would expect… in the block area.  When I look at the blocks there are certain things I expect the children might do with them.  I can imagine children might want to stack them.  I can imagine children creating a tower as high as possible.  I can imagine children using them a seats.  I can imagine children jumping from one stump to another.

So here’s my ordinary moment of surprise.  This is something I did NOT imagine children doing with these tree stump blocks.  I’m placing the image further down the page just so you can have the opportunity to imagine what other ways these blocks might be used.  Think about it for a little.  Do you have any ideas?  Okay.  Now scroll down for the surprise…


I just love how children can do unexpected things in creative and imaginative ways.  Don’t you?

Now let’s look at the potential learning through play here:

Children have opportunities for…

-taking turns going over the stumps

-balancing the stumps carefully so that they don’t tip

-gross motor development as children climb over the tree stump blocks and lift and carry the blocks into position

-cooperation to work together to line up the tree stump blocks

-creativity to find new and innovative ways to use materials

And that’s just the beginning. Learning through play is fabulous!


2 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments: Surprises

  1. Amazing!

    I really like the tree stump blocks. I haven’t seen any blocks like those around here. Then again, it’s been a decade since I bought toys for that age group.


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