It’s All Coming Together!

IMG_2553After my preschool class started to show an interest in birds, I decided to pick up on that interest and see where it would take us.  This is when the magic began to happen.


So I gathered a bunch of stories about birds including some non fiction books with great photographs and I started sharing the stories.  I was also able to share a collection of real feathers from a variety of different birds at our science table.  And then I found a huge bag of birdseed in the storage room and decided to make some mini bird bells to hang in the preschool’s outdoor play area.  The children helped, of course.




And then the children took the ideas a little further.  We went outside and they decided to create a little nest for the birds which involved six children working together.  They had baskets to collect dried leaves and brought the dried leaves to their “bird nest”.  They developed a really fun way of transporting the leaves by hanging the baskets on the handlebars of the bikes.



G said “This is the perfect spot for the nest.”

T said to Bl  who had just arrived  ” You can help me okay?”  “Now let’s go and find some more.” (leaves)

Bl to T  “That’s how much for my bird.”

T to BL  “That’s how much for my bird.”

After many trips back and forth to get leaves…

G  “This is enough.”

The children used a stick to make a little slide for the birds; they used pinecones which they said were the lights; and they used a little sand to hold it all together. IMG_2546

Going back and forth to get more leaves was great fun!IMG_2550 (1)

How do we go further with this inquiry?  How do we discover more about birds?  The wheels are turning in Teacher Cindy’s head…