Ordinary Moments: I Made it Myself!


I am very proud and steadfast about my art philosophy.

And I will not waver on this point… everything the children create at preschool is created by the child.  They come up with the ideas and carry it out.  Why do I love this?  For many reasons…

  1.  Each creation is totally unique
  2. The children develop a sense of pride
  3. There is no frustration that comes because of not doing it “right”
  4. The children develop skills with the materials
  5. The children have a sense of ownership over their art

I get so frustrated when I see adults showing children models of art and how it ought to look.  I strongly dislike some of the cookie cutter art I see where everyone’s project looks almost the same because of trying to recreate the teacher’s idea of something beautiful.

Take a moment and admire the creations that young children are capable of when they are simply provided with the materials and the freedom to follow through with an idea…IMG_2568IMG_2570IMG_2571


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