Becoming a Writer

At what point does a person become a real writer?  Is it the moment you are published or does it happen before that?  Does it happen when you are alone at home writing and revising and editing?   Or are you not a real writer until you’ve got at least 3 books published.

Honestly, I have no idea.  Here’s what I do know…  If I want to be a writer I need to do just that: write.  I need to view myself as a writer now instead of some day in the future.  And so begins the blog here at Cindy’s Creative Corner.

But you know what makes me feel truly authentic like I’m joining the ranks of the professional writers?  Moments like yesterday.

Yesterday, I met with Paula who is working with me on illustrating “The Pancake Machine”.   It is so wonderful to work together on this project!  Paula’s illustrations are vibrant and they really do bring the story to life.  As we discuss changes to the story or details of how the pages and illustrations should look, the story really takes shape.  And there is potential for more books on the horizon.  And Paula reminded me that even J.K. Rowling had several rejections before she was published.  And (as Paula said) just think about how much those publishers wish they had accepted her first novel.



We talked about potential school visits once the book is published and both of us are so excited about the possibility of sharing our book with children in their classrooms!

Katie, from "The Pancake Machine"

So yesterday, I truly felt like a real writer even if it was just for a short while.  And I will keep finding those opportunities to write, to learn the publishing and book marketing process and to somehow, some day make this wonderful picture book become a reality.