2015: A Year of Discovery

Those who know me well also know that I like to walk, particularly on trails in nature. On a recent walk this year I made an unexpected discovery: this fungus was growing on the side of a log. The sunlight actually made it glow brightly. It reminded me of a piece of undersea coral and I took a moment to marvel over its beauty. Who would have thought there could be such beauty in a fungus?


From my perspective, blogging has been very much like this surprise discovery on the forest trail.  I took the path knowing I’d enjoy the journey but I found unexpected delights along the way like this fungus bathed in sunlight. In a future post, I hope to explore the experience of blogging a little further.  I will tell you why I started in the first place and what keeps me posting and enjoying the process. For now, I’d like to take a look back at the beginnings of Cindys Creative Corner…

For me, 2015 will always be remembered as the year I discovered blogging! What a great pleasure to find a way to combine two things I love: photography and writing.  And then to blend in more things I’m passionate about like early learning , early literacy, and the connection between play and learning….  it really just makes me happy. So here’s a look back at my 10 favourite posts from 2015…

1. Embracing the Introvert I share a little about me and perhaps why blogging is such  a great fit in the personality department


2. First Day of Preschool: Reflections of a Mom/ECE  Parents of brand new preschoolers… I can relate to what you’re going through!


3. A Snail’s Tale: Perspectives from Preschoolers  “The greatest gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.” -Meryl Streep   I was very proud to have this post reblogged twice!!


4. Boys Being Boys (and Birds)  a story of boys playing in ways that are expected and the unexpected  This play experience was such a joy to witness!


5. It’s All Coming Together!  This is a celebration and continuation of how documenting children’s play can help with program planning and how the adult and child can participate together in the learning process.

Update: The birds ate our treats very quickly so we will be making some more very soon!



6. When Work Becomes Play:  How I plan to take myself from preschool teacher to author  We all have dreams, right?


7. Work in Progress An inside look at the author/illustrator relationship  Sharing the process of creating a book from scratch


8. The Pancake Machine: Introducing Katie a sneak peek at my first picture book’s main character  I’m so excited about the art work!!


9. Parenting: Bouquets from an Early Childhood Educator in which I share my appreciations of all the parents I have had the pleasure to meet and work with in partnership  Gratitude is more important that anything to me.


10. Parenting: Yes and No  (I do get up on my soapbox with this one and you may find it a bit preachy but then I just can’t help it… I feel really passionate about this one!)  I believe in loving limits!



What would you like to read in 2016?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please give me some ideas for the direction my blog can take.  I value your ideas, inspirations, and input.  Share your thoughts!  What would you like more of?  What questions have I left unanswered?  What are you curious about? I look forward to your feedback and to my first full year of blogging in 2016!  I hope that 2016 treats you, your family and your friends very well.



5 thoughts on “2015: A Year of Discovery

  1. Cindy, first of all, many congrats on having such a great 2015. Like you, I also started up blogging this year and enjoying every single bit of it. I found so many great people (like you) through this new venture.
    This top 10 list of your favorite post is great. But the links you have given are incorrect as they are directing to my own blog’s dashboard. You can get the correct links by following these steps:

    1. Open https://wordpress.com/posts/cindyscreativecorner.wordpress.com
    2. Instead of copying the Edit post link, right-click and copy View link of the post you want to share. This will open the correct link.

    Let me know it worked!

    Happy Holidays!!


    1. Thanks for your message! I’m having a problem with my wordpress account right now. I try to save changes and get a failed message. Something is not working because I can change the links but then they go right back to the incorrect ones.

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      1. Hmmm, I think you may have to update the entire post. Here is a simple way to do it:
        1. Open Notepad or Word
        2. Open this post in Edit mode, select entire post, then right-click and select Cut.
        3. Paste all that in Notepad or Word which you have opened earlier
        4. Now edit it over here and remove/add whatever you want.
        5. After you are done, copy the new edited version back in the post.
        6. Click Update and check the Preview

        I hope this helps out!!


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