Yes. I have changed the name of my blog and I really hope you like it! The idea came from my daughter and it just works.  I’ve always believed in simplifying things and my writing style certainly fits the description.  P1110761

I hope to keep things simple as I write about learning through play and literacy and parenting. But really when you think about it those things ought to be simple.  Its when we start trying to make them more complicated that we get ourselves into trouble.  Like trying to teach three year olds to read.  That’s when the meltdowns start.  But… if we just simply play with our children, that’s when they rise to the occasion.  That’s when they are truly at their most patient, most flexible and at their best, don’t you think?  When play is uninterrupted and self-directed; that’s when children stretch themselves to their highest developmental level.  When play is simple, with basic items from nature, whether it is pinecones or sticks or leaves, bits of wood, water, sand or stones….that’s when play is the most powerful and that’s why my blog is now titled: simply.cindy!



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