Learning Styles of Preschoolers

Learning Style

When I think of learning styles and preschoolers I think of the five senses.  The question I ask myself is “How can I support children’s learning in a way that engages all the senses?”  The theory being that by engaging all the senses we are appealing to all learning styles.  

Let’s take gardening, for example.  Digging in the soil allows children to really get their hands in there which appeals to their sense of touch.  The soil and the flowers have a scent, which appeals to the sense of smell.  Then there’s the visual beauty of flowers to appeal to the sense of sight.  Add to that the sound of digging and filling up the watering can as the water trickles out of the spout resulting in the sense of hearing being  stimulated as well.  And finally, if you plant some fruits or vegetables, there is the opportunity to eat them once they’ve grown which involves the sense of taste.


I think this is why the trend towards project based learning is happening here in B.C. with an emphasis on inquiry as a learning method.  The following quote describes it very well!


Equipped with his five senses, man explores the world around him and calls the adventure science. -Edwin Powell Hubble

How does your child learn best?


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