Rain Barrel Continued!

This new rain barrel has been so great.  Not too long ago I wrote this post: Rain Barrel: A Must Have for Water Play  Since then I realize that I have missed a very important way that water can now be used by the children.


This idea was started by C who noticed that our dishes needed a little washing. First, he collected some water in the bucket from the rain barrel.

C demonstrates another example of how children are so capable of coming up with new ideas for ways to use the materials available to them.  And we do have the perfect spot outside for washing dishes that we often refer to as the “kitchen”.  If you look closely, you will see the plates do need a wash!  Up until the rain barrel arrived, this area was used for making sand pies and cakes.  So now we have added two more play options: mud pies and washing dishes.  Two essential parts of childhood.  And two ideas that will hopefully serve them well.

  1. How to make a mess. (Or perhaps I should say how to make a purposeful mess!)
  2. How to clean up after your mess

After C started the dish washing, others caught on to the idea and joined him.  And as Teacher Cindy always hopes, it became a cooperative play that involved sharing and working together to get the job done.  More magic of learning through play every day.