Story of the Week/ Fifty Below Zero

I am pleased to announce this new feature here on simply.cindy.  Every Monday I plan to post a Story of the Week.  The featured story will be something I read at preschool that was well received by the children.  I will outline some ideas for how to help children connect with the story in order to support learning.

Fifty Below Zero by Robert Munsch is my first featured story.

I have a mixed age group with a range of ages from 2 and a half to five year olds so storytime needs to appeal to a wide range of ages and attention spans.

The interesting thing about this story is that fact that the father keeps falling asleep and in very unusual places.  It gave me a great opportunity to really ham it up and snore loudly and then pretend to abruptly wake up.  The children did catch on quickly to the repetitive parts and they really got involved in what was happening.  They were riveted.  I have decided we need a few more Robert Munsch stories in the future.  This particular group of children really seems to love his style.IMG_2807The illustrations are really clear and easy to see which I love because the visual appeal is so important for young children.   As crazy as Robert Munsch stories can get, the children did get fully engrossed in the story and the predictable pattern kept even the youngest ones interested.

Making Connections:

Try freezing some sea creatures in containers with water and let them slowly melt in the water table.  Give children some sprayers to squirt on the ice and help it melt.

Try setting up a mini north pole with some polar bears and penguins with a see through bath mat that looks like ice.  Add some crystal snowflakes and some blue stones.  This would work well on a light table.



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