Story of the Week/Ira Sleeps Over

I was looking forward to reading this story to my Monday class which has a lot of four year olds because it is a little longer and I thought they would enjoy a more involved story.

Ira Sleeps Over is written by Bernard Waber and I thought it would be just the right choice for pyjama day.  On pyjama day, children were invited to wear their pyjamas to preschool and bring a stuffy or teddy bear.  Some children came without a teddy bear and they had the opportunity to choose a soft puppet to sit with while listening to the story.  The children held teddys in their laps as I read the story.

In the story Ira has to decide whether or not to take his teddy bear with him when he goes to his friends’ house for a sleepover.  It is a difficult decision as Ira is worried that his friend might laugh at him, especially when he finds out the teddy bears’ name is “Ta-Ta”.  The story provides a great opportunity to ask the children “What would you do in this situation?”

Making Connections

Whenever I read a story I look for ways that children can make connections between the story and their own life experience.  If they can do that, then I know I’ve had success.  On pyjama day with teddy bears, fuzzy cats and puppets in laps, I felt confident that they were making connections.  And when we finished the story, each child had a turn to tell the name of their stuffy.  Those who chose a puppet could share a name they wanted to give to the puppet.

And everyone was happy to share.


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