Monday Morning Surprise

How to get my Monday off to a great start?  Leave a provocation out in the preschool playground for me to find when I arrive at work!

IMG_2799I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at work to find this little provocation left behind by someone who had visited our preschool playground over the weekend.  I arrived on a Monday morning a couple of weeks ago to find this.

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I always leave a little bark, leaves, driftwood and branches on the table over the weekend and then when we open up the shed and I add a few animals to make a little “mini habitat”.  But this was not the way I left it before the weekend.  Some little elves or someone had been at work here but I had no idea who it could be.  Maybe it was some local children in the neighbourhood who came to play on the weekend.  Right away I took some photos because I knew it may not stay this way for long.

Imagine my surprise when EV arrived at preschool and asked, “Did you see the surprise I left for you?”  Apparently she and her sister had been playing there on Sunday evening and created the provocation.  I showed her the photos I had just taken.  I was absolutely delighted that she would do that!  But then four year olds have such a way of wanting to do things for people and EV is all about making little surprises for her teachers.

What a great start to a Monday morning 🙂

Maybe it is time for Teacher Cindy to leave a little surprise…

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” -Anne Frank



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