Story of the Week/Millicent and the Wind

During the month of February I like to read books about friendship and this one was greatly enjoyed.  Millicent and the Wind is written by Robert Munsch.  

I know, another Robert Munsch story.  I promise that I will include stories by lots of other authors; we just happen to be really enjoying Robert Munsch right now.

In the story Millicent lives on top of a mountain and she has no friends to play with.  She has only the things in nature like trees and rocks.  The wind becomes her friend and they play tag together.  She tries to make friends when she goes to the town but that doesn’t work out very well.  When she returns home to the mountain top she decides the wind is no substitute for a real friend and the story ends with the wind finding a friend for Millicent to join her in a game of tag.IMG_2951

Making Connections:

When the story ended we talked about finding friends to play with and games friends can pay together.  I asked the children about other games that Millicent could play with her new friend aside from tag.  They mentioned playing catch and playing hide and seek.  Shortly after the story, we went outside to play and what game did they choose?  Hide and seek!  Yay, they made a connection!  As a teacher, these are the moments I like to celebrate; story time has extended into play time and that’s exactly what I’m hoping for every day.

I can’t help it, I appreciate the simple things in life.  That’s just me.