Food: What Brings Us Together

I have been told that the number of family meals is directly related to future success in life.  At least it is if you define a successful life as having positive relationships, having a good career and being a person who makes a positive contribution to society in general.  To be honest, I cannot say whether this is true but I encourage you to do your own research and decide whether or not you buy in to the idea.

I’m also told that people like to get to know the person behind the blog so I’m going to let you in on something about myself.  My greatest daily challenge is putting food on the dinner table that the whole family will enjoy.  That should not be too difficult when you consider that we are just a family of four.  And yet it is!

veggie wraps, my daughter’s favourite

You see all four of us are picky eaters (we come by it honestly).  Add to that the fact that my wonderful husband prefers a paleo diet where he gets as much protein and as little carbs as possible.  Then add to that the fact that my daughter has just recently decided that she needs to be a vegetarian.  Then add to that the fact that she is also better off not eating any dairy products as she appears to have a food sensitivity to dairy.   Then add to that the fact that my son limits his protein to peanut butter and chicken strips.  Then add to that that both kids have braces on their teeth and those lovely tortilla wraps above get all stuck in their teeth, and they are best not to eat raw carrots or nuts or anything too crunchy.  Okay. okay.  I know I could have it worse.  There are people who have to cook for a bigger family with life threatening allergies and diabetes and other health issues.

And this is how I know it is not just me.  So I’m asking… how do you decide what’s for dinner?



14 thoughts on “Food: What Brings Us Together

  1. Wow, this reminds me of my family! I had a picky eater, vegetarian etc. and I usually had a different entree for each family member. I can relate to the challenge. When I was told, “Just make everyone eat the same thing” – well that person had no idea how hard it would be to pull that off! Needless to say, it took a lot of energy at that time. Now my kids are older andit all worked out well. I still love to feed them, though!


    1. Sounds like we have a very similar experience! After lots of trial and error I am coming to the conclusion that the more options on the table, the better. Sometimes it sort of turns out like a huge buffet!

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  2. Things are different in my home. Over here, my mother calls the shot and whatever she has finalized for dinner, will be the dinner. Our choices see daylight on weekends only 🙂


  3. So my situation is different, but I still lament over dinner. I love cooking. I love making whatever I just saw on a cooking show. But with the baby tugging on my leg and begging for crackers and my three-nager daughter demanding only pasta, and my husband requesting low-cost meals that are also low carb, no-salt, and no oil, I can not cook the way I want to. I end up making pasta with sauce every other night. It’s quick. It’s usually full of veggies, my daughter gets her pasta. My husband can just eat the sauce, and the baby and I cuddle on the couch!


  4. It is pretty much the same in my household. Older Daughter has food aversions. I am mostly vegetarian. Loving Husband & Younger Daughter are easy peasy. I don’t cook as much as I “assemble” meals. I start with a few basics which will hopefully cross over some, and each person gets a slightly different looking meal. The name of the game for us is as healthy & quick as possible!

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    1. Healthy and quick… I like that. Tonight I cooked some quinoa and then used it to make 2 different salads. One with fruit and feta cheese and a little lettuce. The other had black beans and veggies added. This way we have more choices and I’m still cooking the same thing (sort of).


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