Just Sing! Six Reasons to Sing With Your Child

It’s time to get up on my soapbox now.  Sing to your children!  I’ll say it again.   Sing to your children.  You do not need a voice worthy of a stage performance.  Just sing.  And better yet, while you are singing, get up and move!  Yes, sing and dance and do it with your child.  Sing what you know.  Sing what you love.  If you do this, there are so many benefits!

Singing connected with movements and action is a much more ancient, and, at the same time, more complex phenomenon than is a simple song.”

-Zoltan Kodaly

In Canada, a lot of us don’t sing anymore.  That is really sad. Perhaps we believe we are not good enough.  Perhaps we think we should not sing unless we are as good as Celine Dion.  The thing about singing is this: it’s like anything: the more you practice, the better you get.  So don’t quit just because someone says you don’t sound good.  Your child doesn’t care.  Children make the most forgiving audience.  What matters to your child is your relationship.  And you can make that stronger by singing.  This is especially true for children under the age of six.  At this time in life, so much learning happens through the five senses.  Do not ignore the sense of hearing!  And what more beautiful sound can there be to a child than the voice of a parent singing just for him.

Why Sing?

  1. It helps cement your relationship with your child.
  2. It helps make you feel happy.
  3. It helps your child’s development.
  4. It is fun!
  5. It can make routines easier.
  6. It can help children become more cooperative.

Do parents still sing lullabies to their children?  I honestly don’t know.  But I do wonder.

If you don’t know any lullabies, I highly recommend Pat Carfa, the lullaby lady.  She has some great ones on her CD Sleepy Heads and Out of Beds.  One of my favourites is “Stay Awake” which uses reverse psychology to help babies fall asleep.  If you feel uncomfortable with singing, try looking for a Mother Goose program in your community.  Across Canada, Mother Goose programs are free for young children and parents to attend together.  These programs give parents a repertoire of songs to sing with your child.  I participated when my children were young and I highly recommend that you give one a try.  Other countries have similar programs so look for something in your area.

It is not worth singing for ourselves; it is nicer if two people sing together.  Then more people: hundreds, thousands, until the huge Harmony can be heard, in which we can all be just one, indeed.  Then will we be able to say: ‘May the world be happy.’

Zoltan Kodaly

So if for no other reason… sing for your own happiness!

If you really feel uncomfortable with your own voice but you want to learn, then take lessons!  I can say from experience that if you get a good teacher, it can do wonders for your singing ability.  You may not be ready for the stage but you will improve and become more comfortable with singing.

How comfortable are you with singing?  What songs do you sing with your child?

Feel free to share in the comments.




7 thoughts on “Just Sing! Six Reasons to Sing With Your Child

  1. I agree with you so much. You can’t sing without smiling! It’s the quickest way to improve a mood.
    I used song a lot in my classroom, as well as with my own children. I am not a singer, but it didn’t ever stop me singing when there were only children to hear. I think singing one’s own versions of known songs is a great way to get children creating their own versions as well. If children are surrounded with music, they will join in the singing, and create their own joyful songs. It’s a great form of self-expression.


  2. Singing is not only great for kids, it’s great for parents. My kids are now older and have memories of me playing guitar and singing with them. I know they have a love for music because of that. Great post!


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