Beta Readers… I love this process!

This month, I’ve had some beta readers test out my picture book in progress, “The Pancake Machine” (that title will probably change).  It has been such a fun process!  Of course the feedback is not all positive but I’m okay with that… I’m trying to make this book the best it can be so I don’t mind the criticism a bit.  And I take it all with a grain of salt.

So far, I’m hearing that the children are liking the story and love to join in with the repetitive rhyme!  And that’s exactly what I was hoping for.  I feel more confident than ever that this book will lend itself well to exploring loose parts theory and creating with loose parts.  Now I just need to put all this wonderful feedback together, tweak the story here and there and meet with Paula.

Paula, I hope you are ready for a few minor changes to the illustrations.  I promise I won’t do anything too drastically different from the story.  And I’m so excited to see all of Paula’s work so far.  Just two more days!  Two more days and we’re going to get down to work and make this book absolutely amazing!  Can’t wait!