Times Are Changing…

Children’s play reflects our new and changing world.  It can bring to light changes in technology or in how we live.  Here’s a great example…

We have some little run bikes for the children to ride at preschool and a gas pump as well.  The children like stopping for gas at the pretend gas station.


One day, the gas pump was not out.  It was left behind in the shed, forgotten.  Or so I thought.  As they were riding around, I heard a child say to his friend,

“We don’t need gas, we’re electric!”

I love this.  They could be doing a car commercial.  It makes me want an electric car now even if its just so I can never have to stop at a gas station again!


8 thoughts on “Times Are Changing…

  1. Times are def changing. I see those electric charging stations in parking lots now and it’s incredible to think they can be sustained by plugging into those stations.


  2. They are creative. Maybe by the time they are old enough to drive the only choice will be electric. It’s an interesting thought. 🙂


      1. Children are very observant! They need to be, to make sense of the world. Fortunately they keep asking questions to remind us that we don’t know everything and need to make more sense of it for ourselves!

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  3. Great imaginations! I love how kids absorb so much information from the world around them and apply it.

    I’m disappointed cars don’t have “automatic drive” yet. My sister and I had a Barbie van, and it was almost impossible to get a doll in and out of the driver’s seat, so we always said the van was on “automatic drive” so all the dolls could ride in the back.

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