Ordinary Moments: For the Birds

pretend play in the sand boxIf you’ve been following simply.cindy then you know I have a preschool class with a strong interest in birds.  All year long, the fascination with birds has been unwavering.  If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to read some of my past related posts which document some of their play over the past year. Of course, as always, there is much more happening than I can possibly capture. 

Well, it was the last official day of preschool.  We still had one field trip and a year end picnic to look forward to but this was the last day for the children to play in their familiar space.

There should be no surprise that the plan for today was to create a bird cafe!  The sandbox was the perfect place to do this…IMG_1025

Here’s a bit of the conversation as they played in the sandbox making treats for the birds:

T  “Nummy, nummy fish stew  It’s made with rock candy and worms and fish and raw peppermint.  All things that are not good for humans.”

E  “What is that stuff?”

T  “This is fish for the bird cafe!”

J  “I’m going out for more fish.”

T gathers insects

B fills up the dump truck

A brings mud too

T “Birds love raw flowers  Let’s give this to the teachers.”

E “Do you need some of this?”

B “This is cotton candy”

J and A both say “I’ve got some cotton candy!”

Teacher Cindy wonders… how did we get from worms and fish to cotton candy? They all seemed to make the leap without question.  Very cool.  Perhaps with all this talk about things that the birds would consider treats meant they just had to include a few treats for themselves too.  Why not?

These children show so much caring for nature and the creatures around us.  They want the birds to have a place to come and get food.  They include each other in the play.  They even think to include the teachers.  Everyone seems to have a role and it just flows so naturally.

I will miss this group of children.  They’ve been such a pleasure.  But now its time for summer.  Half of them will move on to kindergarten and with them, they will bring empathy and the ability to care for themselves, for others, and for the world around them. All that and a love for play and learning.  And that’s all they need.

And next year, half of them will return along with a crop of new faces and we will see what interests pop up and where that will take us on a brand new journey that will start in the fall.


I forgot to mention, that as the children created all this food for the birds, there was a robin, quite nearby.  Here he is in flight… taking off just like our friends as they fly off to enjoy the summer.





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