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Yes.  It is true. We have two older teenagers and they want to go back to Disneyland in Anaheim with us again.  It makes me so happy that our children actually want to travel with us.  I know they will disagree with me but I like to think that my appreciation for play and early literacy has an influence on their love for the “happiest place on earth”.  Really, when Disneyland was first created, it was done based on the characters and stories that Walt Disney loved.  Dumbo, Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan… that’s where it all started.

One of our favourite things about traveling is looking ahead to the fun we’re going to have.  Perhaps we over plan, but we have almost as much fun talking about the trip before it happens as we do when we’re actually there.  And we’ve discovered some interesting changes at Disneyland/California Adventure Park right now.P1100795

-you probably know they are building a new Star Wars Land (exciting!)

-did you know that “Soaring Over California” has now changed to “Soaring over the World”?

-did you know that the Aladdin show at the Hyperion theatre has been replaced by the new musical Frozen?

-did you know that there is a new “fast pass plus” coming soon the will allow people to get fast passes without actually going to the ride?

-did you know that there is a new ride in Cars land that actually takes a different random pathway each time?

-did you know that Space Mountain has made some updates to the ride as well?

So it seems that although we are returning to a favourite place, there will be lots of new things to explore.  Wow!  Being a tourist returning to the same place could be fun after all.



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  1. I’m a single 33 year old male and even I want to go back to Disneyland! Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted to that! I’m quite jealous anyway.


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