Book Update!

Dear readers of simply.cindy,

You may be thinking… will Cindy ever publish this book?  The answer is yes!  It will happen though the whole process is slightly more complicated than I first thought.

My latest news… the illustrations are done!!!  Whoo Hooo!!!  And the final edits are done!!! Perhaps I have overused exclamation points but I am too thrilled to care about that right now.

I’m waiting with great anticipation to see what the book designers will do as they work their magic.  When is the release date, you ask?  Honestly, I don’t know that yet but I can give you a sneak peek at one of the illustrations.  Actually, you may have seen it already on my Facebook page.  Here it is…

Ta da!


What will Katie and Baxter need for their pancakes?  Decisions, decisions…

Yes, this book is coming together.  And the start of school is fast approaching.  Will I reach my goal to get it entirely finished before school starts?  Probably not.  Have I accomplished a lot this summer.  Absolutely.  And yes, I promise to keep the updates coming. 🙂






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    1. Thank you, Judy! Yes, that grocery store scene is just excellent. Paula has done a super job with all the illustrations; we make a good team. Hopefully we can collaborate for some more books in the future.

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