Reflections and List Poetry

The Poetry of List-Making

My son J is always making lists.  Or asking for lists.  And these lists usually involve rankings, like David Letterman’s top ten lists.  Only when J makes a list, it is far more serious.  For example, if he lists his top ten movies of all time, not only can he tell you what they are but he can also tell you why each one deserves the ranking it gets and also why he left some of his favourite movies off the list. He has notebooks filled with lists.

That got me reflecting… why do we make lists?  What is the appeal?  What are the reasons for list making?  To jog the memory? To clarify thinking? And in the spirit of this week’s discovery challenge, I’ve come up with the following poem.







Pros and cons

Organize and


Thoughts and

Reflections which result in

Your clearer vision.


What are the reasons you make lists?  What if you could only make one more list for the rest of your life?  What would be on that list?


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3 thoughts on “Reflections and List Poetry

  1. What a wonderful list poem, Cindy. I would call it an acrostic poem. I especially like your final line. Your son’s lists sound impressive. I guess he’s pretty good at listing wants for birthday and Christmas?


    1. Thank you Norah. Yes, he does make a Christmas wish list though it is usually quite short (and ranked in order of importance) so as not to distract us from the wishes he most desires.

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