Children Make Great Teachers

When I saw this week’s Discover Challenge, Here and Now my first thought was “this is the whole focus of my blog!”  I like to capture ordinary moments of children playing and look for meaning in those moments.  The moments worth capturing are always focused on the here and now when children are fully engaged.  These are the moments where the meaningful learning happens!



I and A were making waterfalls.  Here’s a little excerpt of their conversation:

I  …a big waterfall

A  …fill up…thats enough…

I  That’s enough water.

I  C’mon lets make our waterfall! C’mon lets go in the sandbox!

A  Lets go in the dirt.

I   Yah, C’mon

I   Let me pour (pours, spills a little)

A  That’s okay.

I  Sings… Waterfall (sol-sol mi)

A  Waterfall YAY! (claps with delight)

It was a delightful play experience for these two girls. The practice with verbal communication, the developing of new relationships, the opportunity to learn about the properties of water first hand are all present and that is only the children’s learning.

Many times, teachers learn just as much from children as they do from us.  What did Teacher Cindy learn during this busy back to school week?  If I’m being honest, my focus has been on preparations for the year, for the planning of field trips, setting up the classroom, getting my afternoon schedule ready for new music students, etc.  My last couple of weeks have been all about looking ahead. So much time looking ahead and very little savouring of moments.

I am so grateful to these two girls for showing me what it means to live in the moment.  These moments are all we have.  Moments full of wonder and joy, friendship and learning. Thank you girls, for taking me away from my busy-ness and my preparations and bringing me back into the here and now.





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  1. It think what’s beautiful about that exchange is that it revisits our own child within. Beautiful memories from our own childhood are stirred when we are with young children. That keeps us young!


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