My Ongoing Quest


I have an ongoing quest.  This quest will probably not end until the day I retire and even then I may feel compelled to continue my search…


It is the search for loose parts that can be used for many purposes at preschool.  Our outdoor classroom already had the tires and the bean bags and now we also have cedar planks too.   Add a few more planks and more bean bags and voila!


Ah but this masterpiece is not yet complete.  We must go on a quest for more loose parts to add to this wonderful creation.  Here are some wood scraps left from a table my husband was building; I just sanded them down before bringing them in and of course, they made a great addition to the fort building. img_2246

It was a good thing I started this quest because fortunately, we had more loose parts (sticks) to add to the fort.


But of course the masterpiece was still not complete. We needed one more thing…

Pinecones, of course!

Here’s a slideshow of the entire process:

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Now for the burning question… What other loose parts can we add to our outdoor classroom?  I need a list so that I can continue my quest.  Your thoughts are welcome as we have some very keen fort builders who would like some more materials.


18 thoughts on “My Ongoing Quest

  1. This is so awesome already! But if I could be there to play, I would want to add lots of long tree branches around it teepee style to make a special place inside to play. Of course, open ended questions would be asked to see if they could figure it out for themselves. That’s the fun part. Creativity coming to life! LOVE IT!😃


    1. Yes! Tree branches!! I went to a workshop last year where it was suggested to ask parents for their discarded Christmas trees in January just for this reason 🙂 I think I need to ask for those trees.

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  2. Thank you for sharing the process. When I started teaching years ago, I remember doing all kinds of fun things with the little ones. I never stopped feeling amazed by the kids’ creativity if the teachers don’t say, let me help you. 🙂 🙂 Thank you for the follow. Your quest is a journey of life. I’m retired, but my quest still goes on… see you again soon. Miriam


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