Candles and Preschoolers?

Most of us have common sense and would not leave a candle burning around a young child.  Sadly, I still hear stories from time to time of young children who are burned when near an open flame.  img_2413

There is something about watching flames that is so interesting.  I love just staring into our fireplace, watching the flickering flames.  It can be very peaceful and relaxing.

I think children are often drawn to natural elements like fire and water.  That’s why I love those dollar store battery operated candles!  Have you ever seen them?  We have a class set at the preschool and it is so fun to tell stories or songs with lights out and children holding candles!  Or sometimes I put them on the table at snack or lunch time for a little restaurant like ambiance.  Or we build forts and they bring the battery candles inside the dark enclosure.  Fun!!

Little people appreciate beauty too 🙂



4 thoughts on “Candles and Preschoolers?

  1. Great, but simple ideas, Cindy. Those battery operated candles are definitely a safe option, but there’s nothing as mesmerising as gazing into a real flame.


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