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As you may know, I am working on self publishing my first children’s picture book, Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker and I’m very excited about this project!

I didn’t feel comfortable doing the book design myself as this is something I would need to completely learn from scratch.  I have never used Indesign and have never published or written a book before so I felt strongly that I needed someone familiar with children’s books to do this for me.

Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker

I quickly realized I would need a fair amount of trust as the money is all paid up front and really, what recourse does a person have when a job is not done properly… especially if you have already paid for work that is going to be done?  It is like hiring a contractor to do construction on your home; there is the possibility of getting burned.

I considered my options and made a choice, crossed my fingers and gave the green light to work on my story that’s already been revised and polished many times.

So I’m sitting here on pins and needles a little as I wait for these hopefully wonderful and experienced book designers to work on my project.  And I’d really like the work to be done well and promptly too!  However, what is urgent to me is not necessarily urgent to them so  here I am trusting waiting and hoping that they are both trustworthy and professional.

After the first round of cover and interior design efforts, I wasn’t sure.  But the second round of cover edits were hugely improved so I have my hope restored.  Yay!  Here’s hoping I am equally pleased with the second round of interior design edits!


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  1. I hear your disappointment and concern. I hope that you are happy with the finished product. It is difficult to put your book in the hands of someone else. I do hope they do a good job. Is the designer the illustrator too? I have been following Dayne Sislen’s blog. I think she does illustration and design. Did you choose someone from SCBWI? I’m so looking forward to seeing the finished product.
    The feelings you express are very similar to what I experienced/am experiencing with my website development. The process was long and painful, and I’m still not happy with the finished product. I hope you are happy with yours.


    1. I am hopeful. We are still in process so time will tell. I think it is just really hard when a person have a vision for something and doesn’t have the skills to make it happen independently. Another person, no matter how skilled, is unlikely to care about the project in the same way. Your website is a huge undertaking. And maybe it is an ongoing project that will eventually be something you are satisfied with.

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      1. That’s exactly how I feel. My website is a work in progress, and will continue to be, but I do feel very let down by the developers. Communication was a big issue with them, right from the start. Sounds like you might be having some of those issues too. I hope it all works the way you wish it to in the end.


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