Going Underground and Giveaways!

If all goes well, tomorrow is the day.  Tomorrow will be the day I go underground.  Do not expect to see me here in the blogosphere.  I will not be answering my phone or my doorbell and I will be ignoring all social media.  I have one mission: to review and give direction on the latest round of edits for my picture book Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker.  I have a deadline now and that deadline is next month.  Yikes!  I need to get to work.  And lucky me, I have a day free from teaching tomorrow.  A day that came just at the right time to get this book done!!

Rather than call my book unfinished I prefer to call it my work in progress. But soon, it will no longer be a work in progress, it will be a published book!  Yay!!


Okay.  Now for the fun stuff!  Giveaways!!!!  I am planning some giveaways for here on simply.cindy and my author website, http://www.authorcynthiamackey.com.  Once the book is released (November, I hope) you will get a chance to enter to win a free copy and a $15 Amazon card!  And if time allows, perhaps another giveaway before the release date!  Yay!!

So stay tuned for your chance to enter.  Fun, fun, fun!!


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