Author Feature

I just love the picture books by author, Salina Yoon.  If you are looking for some great stories for preschoolers with appealing illustrations then her books will be a good choice.img_2491

I’m always looking for stories of friendship as the early years are a time for developing those very first friendships.  My current favourite is Penguin and Pinecone. Somehow with very few words and simple illustrations, Salina endears us to Penguin. In the story Penguin on Vacation, Penguin befriends a tiny crab. Just as is true for real life, the good friends in Salina’s stories may have to say goodbye to each other at some point and that is the hard part.  Somehow there is always a hopeful ending 🙂


In the story Be a Friend, Salina features a boy and a girl.  The boy is different and sometimes when you are different it is not easy making a friend.


Salina Yoon has written many more sweet little stories.  Check out Salina Yoon’s author website for more details on the Penguin series and her other stories for children.