Canadian Rights and Freedoms

As a Canadian, I feel that I live in a relatively free country.  Did you know that even in Canada books can be banned at the border or removed from library shelves?


Freedom to Read Week in Canada will be celebrated from February 26 to March 4, 2017.  For more information, go to  You can download a poster to your blog or website to promote freedom to read by going into your widgets, adding an image and then copying and pasting the link into the url. Scroll down and you will see a sample of the poster here on my blog.

How do other countries protect intellectual freedom? I would be interested to know.



8 thoughts on “Canadian Rights and Freedoms

  1. There have been books banned in public schools before here in the US..and inevitably they are the MOST READ books by school children than any others. It just doesn’t work to ban them. Honestly that makes people want to get their hands on them and read them far more than a terrific book review.

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  2. The attraction of a “banned” book may well be strongest for high school kids. I remember putting brown paper to cover the title of a book that was “banned” at my Catholic high school. Heh! Heh! Heh! I can’t even remember now what the book was.


  3. I recently discovered that many of the books that are currently banned in the US are books I read when I was in school. My library had a table of banned books on display for Banned Books Week to encouraged folks to check them out. There was also an area where people could write about their favorite banned books and recommend titles that weren’t included in the display.


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