Outdoor Preschool Updates

Back in July, I wrote a post about a new program I’m working on for the preschool.  Because we live in such a mild climate, it seems like the perfect place for an  outdoor preschool and I have a group of parents who are keen to see this program happen!

I’ve been looking into possible locations to run the program and trying to choose the ideal spot.  Ideally, I would love to have a location for beach explorations and one for forest explorations so that we can discover and learn about two different habitats.

The beach location is the one that is less protected so I am not sure it is quite as ideal as the forest; however, we do have one beach area that is a little cove so it should be less windy and exposed.  This one is a fair distance away from accessible washrooms.  We have another beach location we can try out that has washrooms nearby but is more open to the ocean.

The forest location is a little more ideal in that it offers greater protection from the weather and an emergency location with washrooms, which is a real bonus. But the downside to that is the forested area is a little outside of our community so a bit farther for parents to drive but still manageable. So it looks like we will try out these locations and see what works best for us as we embark on this pilot program in 2017!  I will give you updates here as we move forward for those who are interested in nature programs as they seem to be popping up now all over North America!

When I first started planning I thought it would be great to have campfires but there will be no smoke created by our little group… Most of the areas in our community do not allow fires so it looks like we cannot do that.  Still, I am sure that the children will create their own little pretend fires while we are outdoors and we can use lots of layers to keep us warm.

Do you have outdoor preschool programs in your community?  What kind of nature is there for children to explore?