Connections  What would life be without them?

We interact.  We comment.  We converse.  We discover like minded people. We get acknowledgement.  We feel united.  Valuable.

Blogging gives us all this and more.


Sharing a meal accomplishes these same ends.  Food: What Brings Us Together was one of my posts with wider appeal for those same reasons.  No matter how busy our lives become, we all need to eat.


Regular readers will know I am a preschool teacher.  Preschool is all about connections as children build relationships and seek to understand the world through play.  In my Story of the Week Series I wrote about ways that children make connections between the stories and the world around them.  As writers, we want our readers to connect with our stories.

Katie, from "The Pancake Machine"

 I’m hoping to build some more connections.

I have an invitation for all those children’s literature supporters out there.  If you are a kid lit author or you review children’s literature you may be interested!

I am looking for some people to do guest posts on simply.cindy.  I would love to have some author interviews or some book reviews to post here so if you’d like partner up and get some extra readers… let me know.  I am also looking for some bloggers who would be happy to run a Q and A feature about me and my soon to be released picture book, Katie Shaeffer, Pancake Maker in the fall or winter.

Intrigued? Sound exciting?   Send me an email with your blog url at and we can explore the possibilities!

Thank you for reading.  I hope we can connect 🙂