Developing an Artist’s Eye

One of the things children like to do at my preschool is transient art. Transient art is basically collage without the glue.

The children make an arrangement of collage items on their mats and then we take a photograph.

Here are some examples of transient art done by three and four year olds

Three reasons why I love transient art:

  1. The children can rearrange the items as many times as they like until they have the exact design they want; this allows for lots of experimentation and develops the “artist’s eye”
  2. Children can reuse the materials many times; this means the children can create lots of artwork without using lots of materials. We save money and waste less.

3. Transient art allows opportunities for children to experiment with photography.

Natural materials allow opportunities to create transient art outdoors:

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Here are some samples of transient art both arranged and photographed by preschool children.  

It is such a pleasure to witness children finding beauty in small things and developing that artist’s eye.

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