The Best Days of My Life

I’m so excited for this song challenge!  As a music lover, I am totally on board!!  And the cool thing about this is that my favourite singer has his birthday this weekNovember the 5th.

Rewind to the 1980’s in North Vancouver, B.C., Canada.  I was a teenager who was going to high school, listening to the radio  and loving all the songs while trying to choose a favourite singer.  I wanted to start a record collection from one single artist.

But who would that artist be?

And one day, I saw an interview with Bryan Adams.  I realized I liked a lot of his songs!  And he was from North Vancouver, just like me.  In fact, he even graduated from the same high school as my Mom.  A short while later, I discovered he was living just one street away from me.  That was it!

I had found my favourite singer.


After listening to the Cuts Like a Knife album on repeat, I was super excited when Bryan released his next album, Reckless!  And it was chock full of great songs.  Kids Wanna Rock felt like it was written about me (after all I did live just around the block).  I can still remember my Dad saying to me “I think I know your favourite song… The Best Days of My Life”.  Yes, there was a generation gap as he didn’t quite know the title correctly but he did know that it was my favourite song… Summer of ’69

And now for the best part.  This was totally beyond my control and one of the most satisfying and memorable moments ever in my life as a mother.  When my daughter was around 7 or 8 years old, she made it her mission to memorize all the words to one song, decided only by her.  Which song? The Summer of ’69!  And she knew every single word and was prouder than ever to be able to sing the whole thing from memory.

And what’s even more amazing is the connection between my son and this song.  You see, I had always wanted both of my children to take music lessons and we had a piano so that was where we started.  My son began piano lessons at age 6 but kept telling me over and over “I want to play the guitar, mom!”  Well, I waited awhile and then eventually got him an acoustic guitar when he was around 10 years old.  He played it a little but never really practiced much.  I was paying for lessons but feeling frustrated as I didn’t see the effort going in.  We decided to stop his lessons.  It just wasn’t worth the money without the practice.

But he kept talking about the guitar; “I want an electric one, Mom,” he told me.  So after awhile, I told him that if he played his acoustic guitar every day for six months, I would be convinced of his commitment and would be willing to shell out the money for an electric guitar.  Well, he did it!  Just like the song he “played it ’til his fingers bled” (it was the summer of 2010) and he had literally played that little guitar every day for a full six months.  And when he got the electric one, he continued to play it every day and that lasted for 3 full years. From the ages of 13 to 16, that boy played his guitar every single day.  And yes, he played a little Bryan Adams for me from time to time as he knew it was my favourite.  It was such a pleasure for me to start each day listening to my son play his guitar.  And now he’s a pretty darn good guitar player (though I am slightly biased as his Mom.)


So I owe a huge thank you to Bryan Adams for his role in bringing some happy memories to my life.  Whether it has been enjoying his songs or identifying with him as a fellow musician and Vancouverite.  Whether it has been the moments I have shared his music with my family at home or with my friends at his concerts, Bryan’s music has brought me some great moments for which I am extremely grateful.  

By the way, this post feels very indulgent so thanks for sticking with me if you made it all the way to the end!!


9 thoughts on “The Best Days of My Life

  1. Summer of 69, one of my favorite songs too. Funny thing is I didn’t heard it till mid 90’s but when I did, I was blown away.
    I’m still very much hooked to the music from the 80’s. I just can’t get them off my head!


  2. I loved your response to the prompt and have to say i hadn’t noticed him until the 90’s when he duetted with a spice girl ( the one that can sing). A great post full of info .


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