Tomorrow I will be receiving the next round of interior edits for Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker!  It will be my last chance to go through and make changes before the book gets published.

Here’s a  sneak peek at the artwork inside the book.

I’m feeling excited and nervous but second thoughts? Not a chance!  I’m ready to move forward and put this book out there!

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13 thoughts on “Tomorrow

    1. Thank you, Norah! I just had a look at the edits. It is so close to being what I want so hopefully once the last changes are made it will be ready. I have learned so much during this whole process and the next book will be easier. I have no doubt about that. With luck this will be the final round of edits. Yay!

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      1. Yay! I hope so, Cindy. It is a long process, but if you can use what you learn to make the next one easier, that’s wonderful. My granddaughter was asking for the pancake story the other day. She is looking forward to it. 🙂


      2. Awe. That’s so nice to hear. Each time I get the edits, the book looks a little better. It is so nice to know that there’s a child looking forward to reading the book. You are helping keep me motivated so thank you!

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