Perfect (Egg Free) Pancakes! — Lady Jaymes Collection

Welcome to my Saturday morning pancake feature where I share a pancake recipe from another awesome blogger out there!

Why am I sharing pancake recipes each week?

These recipes are in celebration of my first soon to be published picture book, Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker.  And I do love pancakes so I hope to eventually try all the recipes I share.  This one can even be adapted for a vegan diet so read on…

Mornings are hard enough we needn’t make them any more challenging. Especially when everyone’s bellies and the coffee pot are on E. Cereal, oatmeal and a handful of other options are quick but who doesn’t love hot homemade pancakes?! With this recipe it takes next to no time and fewer ingredients to make truly delicious pancakes. Added bonus… […]

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    1. You’re welcome. I noticed it because of the option to omit the eggs and then realized it could be a vegan recipe. That interested me because I know a couple of people who are vegan. I hop to try them soon!


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